Riga Flea Market 2020

The new season of RIGA FLEA MARKET 2020 will start in April 4th!


About Riga Flea Market

Riga flea market in Spīķeri has been going on since 2014 and works with the aim of developing and implementing the best traditions of European outdoor flea markets in Riga. In the flea market, anyone who has a valuable things in stock can become a trader. For buyers, such flea markets are an opportunity to find interesting and unique things with history fand to give them a new life by purchasing them.

What can you find and buy in a flea market?

Riga Flea Market has a great diversity every time. Here you will find exciting and interesting things – various antique and modern home things, tableware, cutlery, badges, books, vinyl records, photo and sound equipment, accessories, clothes, toys, artists’ works and modern design items and other things.