Creative industries forum Creative Showcase

On 10th of March, within the Creativity Week radi!2015, creative industries forum Creative Showcase will take place in Spikeri Quarter. Industry representatives will offer insight into novelties of architecture and interactive technologies, design, music, art, etc.

Creative Showcase forum is divided into two thematic blocks – opportunities of interdisciplinary collaboration between architecture and modern technologies and upcycling and implementation of eco-friendly lifestyle in urban environment.

11 am – 3 pm

Architecture+ lecture and workshop session

The purpose of the session is to present the implementation and impact of new technologies on architecture and built-up environment, city and people. Session will cover themes such as new production methods and forms of production, new materials, interactive architecture, 3D printers, robotics, mobility, IT and programming. Within the framework ofArchitecture+, practical samples will be presented by foreign guests. Audience will be introduced with Latvia’s exhibition for Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB). At the same time, experimental interdisciplinary workshop for architects and professionals of new technologies will take place, in order to make an awareness of interdisciplinary collaboration methods and overall opportunities of new product and service development.

Architecture + program:

11 am – The curators of Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB)

12 am – Workshop Session 1

1 pm – Presentation of Latvia’s TAB exhibition concept and its development process

1.30 pm – Guest lecturers (Luis Miguel Girao, Mateusz Marmołowski)

2 pm – Workshop Session 2 and Presentations

*To participate in the workshop Architecture+ apply here till March 9. The number of places is limited!

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4 pm – 7 pm

Upcycling Riga presentations

Upcycling Riga session will be based on various trends of creative industries and upcycling trends that will be presented by our and foreign representatives. Expert presentations on architecture, design, fashion industry, music, cycle sport, art, slow-food, theater and interactive technologies in 10 creative areas will take place during the second part.

Forum is especially topical for representatives of creative industries, students, as well as eco-friendly people who want to get acquainted with the appropriate direction of practices and achievements in Latvia, creative aspect of upcycling direction and added value, innovation and the existing trends.

Participants of Upcycling Riga program: 

Reet Aus, fashion, theater and film designer (Estonia)

Gunita Kuļikovska, on the way of interdisciplinary collaboration to Tallinn Architecture Biennale, Latvian Association of Architects

Elīna Berklava, mother of Latvian design concept store “M50”

Kārlis Ulmanis, founder of brand “Ulmanpants”

Kristaps Banga, founder of “Connection codes”

Jānis Ķīnasts, bicycle enthusiast

Rasa Šmite, artist, RIXC Center for New Media Culture

Rihards Frīdenbergs-Kalniņš, “Ecocatering” chef and founder

JUBKA creative team


Forum is organized by Creative Spīķeru Quarter and Latvian Association of Architects.

Forum will take place on 10th of March 2015 in Spīķeru Quarter, Maskavas Street 12 – building 1, 3rd floor. Participation in the event is free of charge.

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