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Galerija Baltik – leader in the supply of goods for beauty care since 2001!


The largest warehouse of professional cosmetics, accessories, electrical devices, equipment and furniture in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia (1800 m2). A wide selection all in one place along with the best prices. More than 35,000 products – all for thebeauty care – from a wide selection of high-quality cosmetics to carefully chosen selection of furniture. This product is availableimmediately and without delay. Shipping to Scandinavia is from 3 to 4 days and in the Baltics within 1-2 business days.


A wide selection of high-quality and recognized cosmetics, furniture and equipment. (More than 20,000 products of 100 brand products), the best prices and discount offers, professional customer service, fast delivery of goods. Galerija Baltik is the exclusive representative in Latvia, the Baltics and Scandinavia, along with 20 recognized brands in the country.

Offered products:

  • Furniture and equipment
  • Electrical devices – for skin and body care: vapazone, darsonval, ultrasound, iontophoresis. ultraspund scrub, radiofrequency, cavitation, moistimulation, dermabrasion, mesotherapy (electroporation), endermological equipment, vacuum, limph draunage, photoepilation, oxygen equipment and more
  • Hair care cosmetics, electric devices, accessories, instruments
  • Face and body care cosmetics, accessories, instruments
  • Nail, hand, feet care cosmetics, electrical devices and accessories
  • Ear piercing systems and earrings
  • Wax, electric devices, sepilation accessories
  • Tanning beds and lamps
  • SPA swimming pools
  • Disinfection liquids and sterilization
  • Disposable materials and beauty care accessories


Galerija Baltik provides a network of retail stores, hotels, and a network of pharmacies along with everything you need for thehealth and beauty at affordable prices.


Galerija Baltik offers training (barbers, cosmetologists, manicure / pedicure, etc.) in order to strengthen the theoretical knowledge, getting to know more of new technology, product testing, broaden horizons and use the inherited knowledge in a new and unusual way. Actual, educational, informational, and practical exercises with a demonstration on models. We offer group training for individuals. Also, external seminars, if necessary. Those interested please call 66047501.


Order and know more precise information regarding the electrical devices, equipment and furniture.

Contacts. 67808044; 67808025


Adress: Maskavas ielā 322, Rīgā, LV – 1063.

Exhibiton hall: Maskavas iela 6, Rīgā, 2. Stāvā


Maskavas iela 6, Rīga, LV-1050

Phone number: 67808025

Fax: 67808063




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