Spikeri Concert Hall


  • House where music lives
  • A place where artistic ideas born, grow and explode and diverse
  • Stage for contemporary sound art projects, musical experimentation, genre unlimited concert
  • Platform for different age groups of children, youth educational concert and workshop organization, professional musicians and training programs

In Spikeri Concert Hall lives:

Concert buildings occupied by state limited liability company “Latvian Concerts” collectively – the best Latvian professional musicians units – orchestra “Sinfonietta Riga” and “Latvian Radio Choir”, right here happens in their daily work, playing in rehearsals all floors of the building from foundation to roof. Conversely, in the second floor of a sound recording studio “Studio Framest.”

Place for events

Spikeri Concert Hall has become popular as a cozy, modern space with antiquity smell. There has been a wide range of genres and styles of concerts, film shows, children’s events, award ceremonies, conferences and corporate events. People like it here!