Treasure hunters, mark the date: Riga Flea Market is coming

Design fans, vintage lovers and treasure hunters, you are all welcome to attend Riga Flea Market , which will take place in Spikeri quarter, Maskavas street 8, on 7th June.

This market is a great alternative shopping option for all vintage and handmade goods lovers – visitors will be able to find many wonderful things among the offered range – from vintage clothing, housewares, old vinyls and cameras to handmade wool shoes and artisan jewelry.

Since the 14th century Spikeri quarter has served as a place of cargo loading and unloading, and it hosted warehouses of goods, which were traded in Riga. Therefore Spikeri quarter is familiar with trading spirit and this summer will attempt to revitalize the trading here once again.

Organizers of the event – Spikeri quarter and vintage enthusiasts Retro Spectro – had a feeling that in summer Riga definitely needs a regular flea market, where anyone can bring their unwanted, but interesting things for trading that could become real treasures for someone else. Organizers hope that this summer Riga Flea Market will become the capital’s central flea market with the broadest offer.

Riga Flea Market dates: 7th June, 5th July, 8th August and 6th September. Market will run from 11 AM to 5 PM and the entrance is free of admission. If you have a feeling you could become one of the sellers in this market, please feel welcome to contact the organizers.