In the month of Latvia`s birthday the musical group Rāmi Riti are coming to their listeners with the new album Rotājiesi, tu Saulīte  and a concert on November 22 in Spikeri Concerthall.

In the title of the new album the main symbol is sun which means unlimited love, kindness, inner wisdom. The music of Rāmi Riti reflects the soul of Latvian nation. Texts are ancient Latvian folk songs and they tell and remind us about the deep love to nature – to all the manifestations of the Mother Earth. These songs revive the deepest inner knowledge about God and peaceful life lived in harmony with the rules of Universe.

Music has been played in the healing vibration of 432 Hz. So it touches and gives harmony to the human body and the soul.

There are a lot of musical colours in the concert thanks to different voices and instruments: such like the kokle (traditional Latvian instrument), the pipe, also the flutes, the guitar, the percussion, the mandolin, the keyboard.

Musicians participating in the concert: Inese Kozuliņa (voice), Ansis Jansons – kokle, Mārtiņš Miļevskis – keyboard, percussion, voice ; Arnolds Kārklis – guitars, voice;  Alisa Klimanska – flutes; Kristīne Štikāne – voice; Kalvis Vītols – voice, percussion; Undīne Balode – cello.