New exhibition opening event at kim?

On Friday, October 3, at kim? Contemporary Art Centre opened exhibition “Proxyah” by Viktor Timofeev and “Hyperbolic Planes and Sustainability Networks” by Daina Taimiņa.

Proxyah is a solo exhibition by Latvian born, London based artist Viktor Timofeev. Working between multiple spaces, countries, languages and disciplines, Timofeev has an interest in modes of re-presentation and systems of order and control. Proxyah, stemming from an affirmation (“yeah”) of a remotely performed action (“proxy”), adopts a familiar yet enigmatic structure that tests the limits of language when it is depleted of its ability to be referential.

It is not an easy task to describe various natural shapes by mathematical formulas. Mathematician Daina Taimina is using crochet to create hyperbolic planes. As it turns out, the handicraft helps to understand mathematics, but the ancient art of crochet acquires contemporary resonance.

The exhibitions will be open until 9 November.