Concert: D.Pashkevich/A.Gotesman “Meeting in Riga” (free-jazz/bebop)

This event has ended!

On June 3, at Spikeri Square, Maskavas street 10, from 7:00 pm open-air concert of quartet “Music under Baltics”. Entrance free of charge.


 Meeting Best known Lithuanian and Latvijan musician. You will hear some experemental in Inprovise score be-bop and composition composed by the members: Deniss Pashkevich (saxophone), Arkady Gotesman (drums/percussion), Dmitrij Golovanov (piano), Stanislavs Judins (double bass).

3 junija brivdabas koncerts Spikeros
“Steeped in the tradition of John Coltrane, Deniss Pashkevich is a Latvian flautist & saxophonist, producer, ad-libber and educator with a profound calling. His sound is unique and powerful with the ability to penetrate your soul. This sonic clarity and ability has made him one of the most in demand musicians from the Baltics.” / Neff Irizarry ll /VENUES.

Arkady Gotesman isn’t a standard artist: many consider him a jazzman and percussion virtuoso, but it is almost impossible to pinpoint what it is that he does. Yet Gotesman himself seems to be rather nonchalant about this; he clearly is a man of action and practice, able and willing to try the challenges that arise when working in different formats – not only the diverse world of music, but also theater and literature.
The main features of this artist – an extraordinary range of activity and the ability to instantly listen into his partners’ – whoever they are – music, speaking, writing or object making. This characteristic is crucial for a good jazz musician, whose reaction and intuition must never lose contact with the present moment, be able to foresee and creatively complement.

Dmitrij Golovanov is one of the most known and demanded piano players Lithuania. His rapid technical progress goes in pace with stylistic versatility, as well as his constructive inclinations do not inhibit his emotional drive. Knowledgeable in the rich legacy of jazz, the pianist shows an ambition to develop his own style, in which he appears as a musing and mature artist. He performs various music styles ranging from traditional, modern – creative, free jazz to classic/jazz crossover and experimental electronic music. He is the winner of several international jazz piano competitions as well as the semifinalist of Montreux Jazz Solo Piano Competition in 2012 and a finalist of European Jazz Competition in Rotterdam in 2013. For the last decade he is an active participant of Lithuanian jazz scene and abroad collaborating with most prominent musicians and performing in such festivals as London Jazz, Brugge Jazz, Pori Jazz, Jazz jamboree and many others. Collaborations include trio VD, Jeff Cascaro, Jacob Riis, Byron Wallen, Eska Mtungwazi and many others.