Elza Sīle, exhibition “Enlarging Original”

This event has ended!

The line crosses the page diagonally in reverse. Commas, image clusters, conceptual speculations are strewn about. A formless creation has attached itself to the top corner. Subtle cotton wool traces are discernable, all the points have lined up and the end of the line segment gradually tapers off. A fractured and disoriented line circles about, hoping to attract derivations and define more concrete boundaries. The creations remain stubbornly silent, abstractions sway, the groups imitate a solution and irreverently throw around meanings. Actions are followed by decisions, descriptions trip over each other in parallel and diagrams continue to balloon. A technical device expresses a thin object in peaceful apathy. Freed from shyness and fear that is connected with the dubious origins of the original, the images happily multiply.

– Elza Sīle


Detached images, images laid out on surfaces, images hidden in the thin materiality of print-outs and images stuck to wall plaster are at the core of the exhibition. A sketch of the passage of thoughts, serious and wide-ranging doubts, anonymity realised as the only solution. An exhibition whose activity runs ahead of conscious choice. Like it or not, the decisions here are neither dogs, pineapples, stormsnor indifference. They are certain mistakes, flooded-out assumptions, eclectic visuality and much else besides.


Elza Sīle(1989) has almost completed her studies at the Painting Department of the Art Academy of Latvia and continues to record her experiences. Her primary interests and central activities are ordering and loose systematization. She is evasive about concrete materializations. Lives in Riga and has attended educational institutions as well as other events.

personalizstade Elza_Sīle

Elza Sīle (1989) šobrīd beidz studijas Latvijas Mākslas akadēmijas Glezniecības nodaļā un turpina iegrāmatot izsauktos pieredzējumus. Kārtošana un vaļīga sistematizēšana ir viņas intereses un darbības centrā. Par atsevišķajiem materializējumiem izsakās izvairīgi. Dzīvo Rīgā, apmeklējusi mācību iestādes un citus pasākumus.