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Open-air cinema programme of the films by the young national directors

Open-air cinema programme “Film Director. Short Film.” On the big screen of Spīķeri Quarter offers the works of the young national directors in cooperation with the National Film School of the Latvian Academy of Culture. A short film programme will allow every visitor to stay awake.


  • 21.00–21.29 Wind broke the grey pines down (director Madara Dišlere, comedy 29’, 2013)

Small town in Latvia. Spring. These days. Woman. Two men. Maybe three. Hope and hidden longing. Unexpected and very carefully arranged appointments. The moment in which you have to make a choice. A photograph. Rainis. Lake. Pines. But how grey?

Roles by: Guna Zariņa, Ģirts Lukevics, Gedimins Gutausks, Evita Zālīte, Elviss Grinbergs etc.


  • 21.40–21.58 I am ambiguous (director Elizabete Mežule-Gricmane, absurd comedy 18’, 2018)

A photographer spends his life quietly doing the same thing in his daily life. His passion and quest for purpose of life are embodied in photographs. For one day, the photographer experiences situations that reflect the ambiguous nature of his mind and emotions.  He witnesses what has been a secret to him so far.

Roles by: Varis Piņķis, Inga Alsiņa


  • 22.10–22.38 Lazarus (Lācars) (director Kristiāns Riekstiņš, thriller 28’, 2015)

Ambitious journalist Zane meets Matīss, who claims to have risen from the dead. Matīss offers Zane to write an article about himself, but in exchange he asks for help in searching for his wife. Is Matīss a victim, mad or just a skilled charlatan?

Roles by: Ieva Segliņa, Mārcis Lācis, Normunds Bērzs.


  • 22.50–23.10 Screwdriver (director Jurijs Skorobogatovs, criminal comedy 20’, 2014)

A teacher of housekeeping, a professional car thief, exchange-point employees and pickpockets fight for a bag with a hard-to-convert currency.

Roles by: Mihails Samodahovs, Aivars Līnis, Laila Čepāne, Jānis Āmanis, Ivans Kuncevičs, Niklāvs Kurpnieks etc.


  • 23.20–23.44 Drunkards (director Gatis Ungurs, comedy 24’, 2015)

A comic story about two brothers in a countryside who are not willing to live the life of narrow-minded people and who are trying to solve all their problems in a way they like. The film reflects a heightened rural reality, whether it is care about the family, boasting with ego, gasoline selling, or a constant wandering around and music playing. Krišs and Oto are in the middle of it all.

Roles by:  Pauls Iklāvs, Andrejs Alens, Ilze Pukinska, Aivars Ieviņš etc.


  • 23.55–00.25 Dolls (director Ieva Norvele, comedy 30’, 2018)

Night, Riga, two young girls and a man. Their roads intersect accidentally. Sandra and Inese think Andris invited them to the restaurant, but Andris is a taxi driver who sees Sandra and Inese as his clients. Dinner at the restaurant has been eaten, but no one has money to pay for. A cascade of misunderstandings for one night begin.

Roles by: Lelde Dreimane, Tīna Zariņa, Ivars Kļavinskis


  • 00.35–00.52 Higher, further, stronger (director Tīna Zariņa, comedy 17’, 2018)

Connections, substances, entertainment and community. The young man lives his day, moreover – not only one. There must be something wrong with him. But what? And will it be better, further, stronger next time?

Roles by: Gatis Vanags, Elvita Rakštīte etc.


All films with subtitles in English.


Organiser: the association “Rīgas Spīķeri” and the National Film School of the Latvian Academy of Culture

Supported by: Riga City Council