Future Shorts Film Festival’s summer program

This event has ended!

Future Shorts Film Festival glad to announce summer season`s opening in Riga during two days celebrating worldwide awarded cinema, BAFTA films and for the first time presenting best Latvian production short-length films.

Worldwide short-length film festival FUTURE SHORTS takes place on July 7 presenting the summer program`s best international films of this season. Within festival the audience have a chance to watch the best 8 festival films of 2016 and 2017 from participants and winners of the biggest international film festivals from around the world – among them are USA, UK, Columbia, Finland, Norway, Croatia.

Film Festival will take place on July 7 from 22:30 pm to 24.00 in the industrial creative quarter “Spīķeri” at Maskavas 6 street in Riga with stunning view of the old town. Latvia will be presented by three best internationally presented shorts – drama “Tango” by film maker Dace Pūce/25 min, Hunting Day/”Medību diena”/ action short film by film maker Ivo Skanstiņš, 20 min, Converts/ “Konvertīti” action short film by film maker Kārlis Lesiņš, 35 min.

Traditionally voting process for the best films of this season takes place immediately after screening and via festival`s social network.
1st DAY
Program will be screened original language with english, russian and latvian subtitles.

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Ticket price: 7,00 EU
Stand-up ticket price: 5,00 EU
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