Georgia’s Independence Day celebration

This event has ended!

On 29 May Spīķeri invites you to the Georgian Independence Day celebration dedicated to jointly getting to know Georgian history and traditions as well as culture and traditional dishes.

Stage program:

16:45 Georgian Georgian music and short films;

17:00 Speech by a representative of the Embassy of Georgia;

17:15 – a film about Georgia with Ellen Žoržoliani comment;

17:45 duet Nukri and Rusiko;

18:00 – dance ensemble “Caucasus;

18:45 dancing – sisters Marianna and Anna Kitiašvili;

19:00 – Choir “Mediterranean”;

19:30 Concert Sola Avakjana;

20:00 Concert Salmon von Chapelle;

Complementing the glorious stage program, during the event from pl.17: 00 to pl.21: 00 you will be able to create a henna drawing, to get acquainted with Georgian designer ether Gabunijas and Tatis achievements, learn Georgian toasts, take photo in Georgian national costume, taste traditional Georgian dishes and drinks, for children there will be workshops together with Georgian artists.


Entrance free of charge.

Event will take place at Spikeri square, Maskavas street 10.