Goran Gora and the Latvian Radio Big band. Mosties (Wake up)

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Concert Mosties (Wake up) – music by Goran Gora, lyrics by Knuts Skujinieks, arrangements by the Latvian Radio Big Band

Included in the album are 12 songs that use Knuts Skujinieks’s poetry as lyrics. Although the techniques differ, the main theme is one of love.
‘It’s not really – I love you and look how great everything is. Love is not just happy and jovial lovers walking along the street holding hands and enjoying the rain. These poems are about what I call the “rye bread crust” of love. So there is an inner awakening caused by a relationship that you develop. I must admit that as a romantic songwriter I’ve always been interested in the other side of love, the labour side, not just the sunny and bright one. So yes, this is an album full of love. Including for me personally from the musical perspective because I’ve never felt such a drive to write songs.


Goran Gora


Goran Gora (Vocals, guitar)
The Latvian Radio Big Band