Marina Cvetajeva

This event has ended!
Performances 28th and 29th March at. 19:00 (duration 1h)
Tickets in advance and “Biļešu paradīze” box office
Marina Cvetajeva

Марина Цветаева | Marina Cvetajeva

In 1919. and 1920. year in Moscow – the Civil War. The creative environment is both bohemians and the mindless hunger and poverty. Somewhere in the middle – Tsvetaeva Marina, one of the most prominent poets of 20th century.Performances makers talk about life of Marina Tsvetaeva, that they themselves are extremely important – the story of Sonecka. The main aim of has set itself the creative team – to organize a meeting, and if a success, the conversation between the viewer and Marina.In the show you will hear the text of Marina Tsvetaeva biographical prose, “The Story of Sonecka” for who can better tell you about the people, and that’s what he says about others.