Photo exhibition “My Maskavas Forstate”

This event has ended!

Foundation “Rīgas Spīķeri” had invited the inhabitants of Maskavas Forstate district and individuals working or studying in this neighbourhood to apply for participation in an interactive photo project “My Maskavas Forstate” (“Mana Maskavas forštate”) from January 5 till January 20 of this year.

Foto: Anna Čonka

Out of all applications 50 participants were chosen for the project, who were tasked to capture their vision of Maskavas Forstate district in 27 frames of photo film using a single-use camera.

Each inhabitant of Maskavas Forstate district sees this neighbourhood differently, notices diverse individual details and particularities, and each of them has their own special experiences and memories related to the place. The project aims to show the traits of Maskavas Forstate district from other perspectives as extensively as possible enabling us to discover it as being more personal and special – as the local people see it.

When the photos were taken, all films were processed, and at the end 50 photos were selected – one picture from each participant’s creative work – and included in the exhibition “My Maskavas Forstate”.

The project is carried out by the foundation “Rīgas Spīķeri”, and it has received a co-financing in the framework of the Society Integration programme of Rīga City Council’s Education, Culture and Sports Department.





Spīķeri district

Maskavas street 6 (entrance from the courtyard)

Working days from 10 AM to 5 PM

Entrance free of charge