Early Music Festival 2014 Opening at Spīķeri

On July 8, in Spikeri quarter yard took place Burkard Valdis show “The Prodigal Son” (1527), revealing the XX International Early Music Festival.

Producer Varis Klausītājs says if we can trust historical data, Burkard Waldis was the 16th-century clergyman, politician, poet, musician, and the master craftsman – any tin molder, who spent sixteen years in Latvian territory and who was sent to the Vatican for help when in Riga unrest began in faith and doctrine of Luther came here. At the time, Riga became quite active just intellectually, and returning from the trip, which lasted for a considerable time, Burkard had become a committed Lutheran, and his work The Prodigal Son ” is a parable about the fact that the field of religion are fundamental and necessary for changes.

Publicity photo