Where to eat in Spikeri?

Spīķeru-kvartāls-Desa-CoIf you go to a creative industries quarter Spikeri or to the Riga Central Market do not miss the desa & co” – farms “Zemitāni” shop and bistro at Maskavas Street 4 where you can eat and buy a wide range of deer and wild boar meat production range from its own farmed wild animals.

Besides the shop there also works a bistro where you can take your time to taste the hot broth, to observe customers and open cooking area, as well as, of course, taste the venison and wild boar meat products – sausages and frying sausages delicious, juicy burger – with suitable snacks and drinks.



pirosmani 3A little ahead, at Maskavas street 6, you will find the Georgian restaurant “Pirosmani”.  Restaurant is the place where you can forget about the daily care and improve your mood. It will give you a little heat of southern sun and let you feel the coolness of the Caucasus Mountains. Here you could taste not only traditional Georgian cuisine – hacapuri, sacivi, phali, cinahi, delicious Georgian wines, but also learn about the Georgian primitivist artist Niko Pirosmani’s life and his works. It is an excellent offer to feel the richness of Georgian culture in the restaurant “PIROSMANI”. Copies of Niko Pirosmani paintings are included in restaurant design, such as «The Actress Margarita» and «Fisherman in the red shirt» and other paintings. In a cozy atmosphere with the accompaniment of Georgian music, carved motifs of Georgian balconies, which are stylistically carved in our bar counter, you could taste the richness of Georgian food and drinks. Restaurant’s welcoming hostess Kmara will help every guest to choose an appropriate meal for your taste.


DALIIf you happen to be coffee lover we suggest you visit arthouse coffee shop “Cafe Dali” at Maskavas street 12k-1. Imagine a place where three different worlds come together – the genius of surrealism, Salvador Dali, the works of contemporary artists and the world’s best coffee. “Café DALI” gives you a place where you will discover the most important person – yourself. Specialty coffee is a unique high quality coffee.  We believe it will only take one cup to completely change your perception of coffee. Specialty coffees are grown in ideal climates, and are distinctive for their full cup taste and little to no defects. Each coffee’s unique scent and flavor is as a result of the special characteristics and composition of the soils in which they are grown. Here you will be able to taste a variety of salty snacks and desserts.

where to eat at spikeri