Latvijas Balzāms Outlet – Liquor store

What is the Latvian Balsam Outlet?

Liquor store with a great staff – vendors who are well oriented shelf content and find you drink every single occasion . Joyful, sad, mundane and festive. Alone, family or, friends, crowd, banquets, weddings and a funeral. Wallet thicker and therefore less dense. Exquisite dinner at the white tablecloths and garden parties in plastic containers.

Assortment. All spacious Latvian balsam product range – from the legendary Riga Black Balsam and Allažu Ķimelis, followed by STOLI vodka and ending with the other outstanding drinks. Riga’s famous sparkling wines, liqueurs and brandies. To complement the above with imported drinks – Grants and Tullamore Dew whiskeys , Courvoisier and Remy Martin cognac, more than 450 different kinds of wines from around the world, which is particularly noteworthy and famous Frescobaldi Achaval Ferrer products will get a rough idea of ​​Spikeri Outlet shelf contents.

Prices. Prices? Price! Surprise. A pleasant surprise. Not in vain on the shop door Krasnoi marked “Outlet” . This time posters promises to fully match the content – the prices are much more enjoyable than the usual department stores. If you take into account the regular price of shares of larger purchases and customer loyalty discounts, the picture is becoming increasingly attractive. It is worth checking out.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Closed

Tue. – Fri. 12:00 to 21:00

Saturdays 9:00 to 21:00

Sunday – Closed