Main principle – natural and ecological food

“Pirosmani” guests appreciate that the buying of foodstuffs is under the direct supervision of the restaurant’s hostess and the head-cook. Besides, most of the ingredients are delivered directly from Georgia. The restaurant’s main principle is natural and ecological food.

Pirosmani Spikeru kvartals 3

Georgian cuisine head-cooks, who are well oriented in its diversity of forms and flavors, are excellent advisers to “Pirosmani” head-cook. That’s why in the menu of our restaurant you can find cuisines, which is known only for real gourmets! You can enjoy classic Georgian dishes that are made considering recipes, which in Georgia are passed from generation to generation.

Georgian exquisite cuisine is excellent with its exquisite Georgian wine. Georgian Chacha and lemonade has become the favorite drink of our regular visitors. Pirosmani is an ideal place for banquets, corporate banquets, lunch or business dinner, birthday, wedding, christening celebrations, spending time with friends and family.

The restaurant “Pirosmani” offers vegetarian, meat, dietary and fish cuisine.

This is the place where you can forget about the daily care and improve your mood. It will give you a little heat of southern sun and let you feel the coolness of the Caucasus Mountains. Here you could taste not only traditional Georgian cuisine – hacapuri, sacivi, phali, canahi, delicious Georgian wines, but also learn about the Georgian primitivist artist Niko Pirosmani’s life and his works. Restaurant is situated in creative industry district “Spīķeri” next to other cultures. It is an excellent offer to feel the richness of Georgian culture in the restaurant “Pirosmani”.Pirosmani Spikeru kvartals

Copies of Niko Pirosmani paintings are included in restaurant design, such as «The Actress Margarita» and «Fisherman in the red shirt» and other paintings. In a cozy atmosphere with the accompaniment of Georgian music, carved motifs of Georgian balconies, which are stylistically carved in our bar counter, you could taste the richness of Georgian food and drinks. Restaurant’s welcoming hostess Kmara will help every guest to choose an appropriate meal for your taste!