European Christmas. ART-I-SHOCK CHRISTMAS

This event has ended!

Elegant humour, an element of a game, creative shock as the origin for creativity and self-discovery – that is what is offered by the ART-i-SHOCK Trio of three outstanding musicians with different personalities and temperaments.

Pianist Agnese Egliņa, percussionist Elīne Endzele and cellist Guna Šnē seek artistic perfection, always surprising, delighting and sometimes friendlily provoking their audiences.  This programme is based on the idea that December is a fairly amusing period of time.  Some people are preparing for the only time that their families will come together for a celebration, others are counting up Advents on the path toward the birth of Christ, most people are preparing for an orgy of shopping, and children stand next to Christmas trees to sing songs and recite poems that no one will remember in January.  Asked what they do during this period and why, the musicians say that it will soon be quite impossible to answer the question, because habits, traditions and society tempt us to close our eyes and go with the flow.  Alfred Schnittke’s version of Silent Night, for instance, is like a contemporary mirror of the holiday.  This programme is similar, a bit white, but more sarcastic.  There will be some Christmas carols, a bit of tango, a shot of jazz, a crumb of spirituality, together setting a holiday table that will satisfy every Latvian – potato salad, peas, sauerkraut and pierogi with bacon.  Perhaps you think that a stomach-ache is guaranteed?  Not this time.

Tikai dzirkstošs smaids un patīkama, neizskaidrojami omulīga svētku sajūta!”


Agnese Egliņa, piano
Guna Šnē, cello
Elīna Endzele, percussion


Music by Jānis Lūsēns, Platons Buravickis, Andris Vecumnieks, Alfred Schnittke and other composers