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Participiants: Kaspars Groševs, Ģirts Korps, Ieva Kraule, Rolands Kronlaks, Darja Melņikova, Laura Prikule, Mārtiņš Ratniks, Evita Vasiļjeva and Armands Zelčs.

Curated by – Jānis Taurens, Zane Onckule

August 15 – September 21, 2014, kim?

Armands Zelčs, Aspen-Kemmern, 2014 kim Spīķeros

Armands Zelchs.Aspen-Kemmern. 2014

Draw a building and imagine what it stands for – something constant and stable as opposed to the material and immaterial flows of the city? Draw a train – it could be symbolic of linearity of time and progress? Draw a sinking ship – can this be used to portray the crash of formed ideals?

Exhibition Kemmern – Aspen draws a comparative line between America’s Aspen, and Latvia’s seaside ex-resort town Ķemeri (Kemmern) inviting artists, musicians, viewers and theorists for a retreat session together. These imagined axes might also reveal a long fascination of metaphoric notions and ideas of space and time, the dichotomy between places of cult status and ones that have potential for new meanings in an era of various post  and neo. Yet with an American conceptualism of the 60s-70s in mind, project will respond with it’s very own Co-La (Conceptualism in Latvia).

Exhibition will be enhanced by exhibiting the original Aspen magazine edition 5+6 at the National Library of Latvia.