MAROCUBA. Marialy Pacheco & Rhani Krija

This event has ended!

The stations in the career of cuban pianist Marialy Pacheco are impressive: her debut album wasproduced by Roberto Fonseca, pianist of the legendary Ibrahim Ferrer (Buena Vista Social Club) and in 2012 she became the first woman to ever win the Montreux Jazzfestival Solo Piano Competition. Rightly so! For although her admiration for Ruben Gonzales, Oscar Peterson and Keith Jarrett is palpable in her sound, Marialy Pacheco magically creates something of her own and genuinely unique on the piano.

Percussionist and drummer Rhani Krija was born in Essaouira / Morocco and is currently one of the world’s most renowned percussionists – in the jazz & world music scene, as well as in the rock & pop scene. As a teenager, he emerged himself in the traditional music styles of northern Africa, which still today, form the foundation of his music and style of playing. With the musically diverse range he possesses, Rhani has the ability to play any style with authenticity, whether is Andalusian, Arabic, African or Latin American rhythms. Consequently, he is worldwide on tour with stars such as Sting,
Dominic Miller, Herbie Hancock, Al Di Meola, Placido Domingo, Annie Lennox, Xavier Naidoo or Herbert Grönemeyer.

History & „Marocuba“
In the summer of 2013, Rhani Krija meets Marialy Pacheco for the first time and both musicians get along instantly – personally and musically. It was immediately clear, that Rhani Krija added his very own musical style to Pacheco’s compositions and arrangements.

In 2015, the duo first presented the program “Marocuba”. To put it in the words of Marialy Pacheco: “This unique combination creates a fresh new sound – a mix of traditional Cuban music and Afro-Moroccan rhythms, combined with contemporary European jazz”.