The Tree of Hope at the Riga Ghetto Museum

The new sculpture at the Riga Ghetto Museum symbolizes the goodness in people. A tree made of bronze and steel which is shining mysteriously in the sun. At closer look you discover names on its leaves. These are the names of Latvian citizens who rescued Jews during the Second Word War. Blank leaves represent saviors whose names are not recorded.

IMG_2708This sculpture is to remember all those who have had the courage in a dangerous and inhuman time to show charity and grace to their fellow human being, even at the risk of their own lives.

The basement of this Tree of Hope is made of a Latvian polished stone and offers the possibility of subscription.

The memorial high is 2.5 meters.

The author is a young but ambitious and talented sculptor Egdars Kvjakovski. He was supported in the project by donations.

Come to Spikeri and see it by yourself!