Exhibition „LITTLE VERA” and „ENLARGING ORIGINAL” opening event at kim?

Exhibition “LITTLE VERA”

Sanya Kantarovsky, Ella Kruglyanskaya

This exhibition is comprised of three distinct artistic gestures: a group of posters that are installed both in the exhibition space and in public spaces throughout the city; a site-specific performance culminating in a set of sculptural clay objects; and a documentary video work.


Elza Sīle

Detached images, images laid out on surfaces, images hidden in the thin materiality of print-outs and images stuck to wall plaster are at the core of the exhibition. A sketch of the passage of thoughts, serious and wide-ranging doubts, anonymity realised as the only solution. An exhibition whose activity runs ahead of conscious choice. Like it or not, the decisions here are neither dogs, pineapples, stormsnor indifference. They are certain mistakes, flooded-out assumptions, eclectic visuality and much else besides.