The Riga Restaurant Festival

This event has ended!

With the participation and cooperation of the finest restaurants in Riga, for the third year in a row, it’s the Riga Restaurant Festival in the charming Spiķeri warehouse quarter (precisely, the square). Putting their brainpower together, the master chefs will present a potpourri of seasonal dishes, prepared with local products, but also venture into the world of street food.

rigas svetku restoransBesides the delectable food, the Riga Restaurant Festival 2016 will also provide additional attractions, in an open kitchen the chefs will be both cooking and entertaining (you can expect surprises), live music will set various moods (all good!), contests and quizzes will put you in the spirit of competition. Rīgas-Gauja Region in 2017 will sport the title of of European Gastronomy Region, and one of the objectives is to preserve everything characteristic of local cuisine and dining. Using home-grown Latvian products, cooperation is boosted between municpal catering entities and reģions, and moreover, vitality of development. Ait goes without saying that the Riga RestaurantFestival will be following this recipe, and put roducts from RIga-Gauja Region to the best of use.


The Riga Restaurant Festival

Event date: Augusts 13th, from 12:00 till 20:00.

Event venue: Spikeri, Masakvas street 8.