Pilsētas ziņģe 2013 Schlagerfest

16 and August 17, 2013 “Riga City Festival 2013” was held in the area of remittances Spīķeru saying “zing to the city.”

In two days more than 20 000 visitors were able to enjoy a variety of musical performances with the participation of various attractions, etc. At the same time the cultural program, which took place on the big stage, there was variety of workshops, mind and sports games for the whole family, as well as the strongman competitions. All activities were free of charge. The smallest entertained various workshops: “Create your own theater maskGood idea for weaving mats, “Sunny life for Riga towers” face painting workshop, as well as a mind game “Tasty checkers“.

The event was held by the “Alus brālība”


Pictures of event:

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