Fields comes to town

September 14 , 2013 at Spikeri quarter and square, Krasta street and Daugava river side “Latvian Fund for Agriculture Development” organized event “Fields comes to town!” The event was attended by a record number of visitors – 30 000 people throughout the day could see a wide variety of agricultural industries –  horticulture, animal husbandry, etc.

Event motto – Latvian grown, produced and processed in Latvia – Latvian product, its purpose – agricultural industries, products, services and educational promotion. The event was organized to create interest in the life and work of rural, agricultural and rural development opportunities, the diversity of traditional and non-traditional farming practices and efficient use of resources, open agricultural sectors diverse as possible, willing for a quality living space in rural areas, awareness of modern science and technology achievements in agriculture and rural development sectors involved in the activities of visitors.

“Children need to see that potatoes are not just baked and cooked, but they grow in the ground, and there are countless varieties. Children need to understand that milk is not only Tetrapaks” Riga Mayor Nil Ushakov